April 23, 2014

Stunning Needle Felted Unicorn & Foal!

Needle Felted Unicorn by Carol Rossi of Vail Rossi on ebay

Needle Felted Unicorn by Carol Rossi of Vail Rossi on ebay

FELTED FAIRY FANTASY Week MUST Include a Unicorn…right?! Well we have a BEAUTIFUL Unicorn by Carol Rossi of Colorado!  ~*you might recall we posted her amazing Pegasus just a short while back.

Carol used Living Felt CW-1 Core Wool as the base, NZ Corriedale on Top/for coloring and White Tussah Silk for the mane of the mare, also from LF. Carol used a reverse barbed felting needle to pull the black through to the surface. [and YES! We will have these in stock SUPER SOON ... so watch for them in the newsletter]

Carol Rossi needle felted unicorn foam of VailRossi on ebay

Meanwhile — Love to Carol’s Unicorn and her Unicorn Foal!  We blogged  it so you can pin it!

Her ebay is: http://www.ebay.com/usr/vailrossi She does not always have items in the shop, because when she posts them…they sell fast. So make sure to follow her shop!

Patricia Conlon Wins a $25 Gift Certificate!

Needle felted animals purple hippo

Needle felted hippo purple

We SUPER HEART this Adorable Purple Polka Dotted Hippo! Needle felted by Patricia Conlon as a special gift to her 1yr old great niece. She shares that she used Living Felt CW-1 Core Wool inside, and Living Felt MC-1  Felting Batts in Boysenberry outside, NZ Corriedale in Cupcake for the polka dots.

She is pretty excited, “It is the first large piece I’ve made. (12 inches tall) and only my 4th project. Her colors and theme are purple and pink hippo.
I thought this would make a great addition to her room

We think she did a wonderful job…don’t you? You can share some love and feedback by leaving a comment on the blog or on facebook!

Just for sending this in, Patricia wins a $25 Gift Certificate for Living Felt!

Torii’s Flock and Magnetic Penguins

Needle Felted Dog herding Sheep

Needle Felted Dog herding Sheep

Candace Osborn needle felted these beautiful sculptures! This one is titled “Torii’s Flock.” “The sheep are from his dreams,” she tells us. They are made from Living Felt Core Wool bases, then covered with wool from the Earth Tones pack.

Needle Felted Penguins

She felted magnets into the feet of these penguins, so they stick to the painted metal base. “This keeps these small critters from wandering away, yet allows them to be intentionally moved,” she tells us.

“More and more I am blending clolors of wool as I go, directly on my project. Sometimes a wisp of color can make a difference.” Thank you for sharing your adorable creations, Candace!

You can see more of Candace’s creations at her etsy shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/OsbornArtistry

Happy Mother’s Day Needle Felted Samoyed and Her Pups

Needle Felted White Samoyed Dog

Needle Felted White Samoyed Dog

This cute little Samoyed dog family was needle felted by Marianne Oberbillig in Wisconsin! This isn’t her first Samoyed, she loves to felt them! She shared that she loves to use New Zealand Corriedale White, especially for all her little doggies!

Thank you for sharing  your always sweet creations!

Happy Mother’s Day!

The Amazing Needle Felted Animals of Hannah Stiles

Needle felted mice

 Hannah Stiles lives in Maine and has been needle felting for approximately 5 years;  for the last two she has been doing well selling her wonderful creations and custom orders on Etsy.  Hannah first learned to needle felt due to her part time job for a fiber company, her very first project was a little gray donkey ornament that she made as a Christmas party gift.

“I instantly loved felting and felt like I had always been doing it.”

Hannah now has 3 sheep of her own which she shears each spring.
She washes and dyes the wool and uses it to create her gorgeous needle felted animals.

“Every felt is a good felt!”

“My favorite part about felting is the huge array of possibilities it offers. You truly can make anything you dream up. I’ve always enjoyed sculpture and wood carving but was frustrated by the unforgiving nature of the materials. With needle felting I can create a sculpture but have perfect freedom to mess up, add wool, or pull it off. I have never had to abandon a project because it was unredeemable.  Every felt is a good felt!”

As you can see from her creations, Hannah’s inspiration comes primarily from nature and living beings. She credits her immediate surroundings including her pets of yesterday and today, the animals on her small farm, and animals she encounters in her local forest and fields.

“…when the world was simple and animals could talk.”

As a little girl my bedroom was overflowing with stuffed animals. I loved biology and anatomy in school and always looked forward to the next field trip to the farm, zoo or science museum. I get so much enjoyment from felting animals because it brings back the feeling I had as a child, when the world was simple and animals could talk.”

Hannah says her most challenging projects are the portraits she is commissioned to do of people’s pets. “I usually feel some suspense before I get to see the pictures they send me. Obviously the pressure to make a little wooly dog look like the real one can be tough, but the extra challenge makes it all the more satisfying when it’s completed!”

Hannah loves to create and work with her hands. She has been drawing “since she can remember” enjoys taking out her sketchbook for the occasional doodle. She has tried her hand and oil painting and watercolors, and shared with us that she even worked as a carpenter for a few years – which seems surprising given she is still in her mid-twenties!

“…I still get a lot of enjoyment from the odd home improvement project.
Whatever the medium, I’m never happier than when I am creating something with my hands!”

For anyone looking for tips or insights on getting started with felting, Hannah suggests:

“… simply jump in and try it! You don’t need a lot of stuff to begin – just a felting needle and some wool. Sign up for a local class or search the web for tutorials and inspiring work by other felters. Wool is so pleasant and satisfying to work with – put on some of your favorite music, get comfy and get carried away with the joy of needle felting!”

Good advice, indeed.


See more of Hannah’s inspired works:



A Mighty Felted Eagle


Michelle Houston sent us these photos of her incredible eagle.

“This is a Bald Eagle I made for a good friend’s birthday. I used a wire armature and made individual feathers for the wings and chest. The head was also made with tiny feathers I created to get the look I wanted. I used white and dark brown merino cross batt and bits of yellow and a lighter brown with a little black for eyes.”


It’s Whale Watching Season


This is Denise Casey’s second attempt at needle felting!
She tells us, “This Orca looks more whimsical in the photos but he is realistic with small details that are often missed or left out.  Many hours were spent to make sure he was smooth all over.
He has a grey German glass eye and is made with Living Felt core wool and black, white and grey wool batt.



Denise lives in Chino, California.




Wobbly, Weebly, Felted Fun


Danielle Dubois has a gift for crafting simple, yet comically adorable little beings. Her collection of animals is perfect for our barnyard/farm/Americana focus this week, and we are especially enamored with them because they lovingly call us back to our youth of playing with Weebles.

Two years ago Danielle was working as a illustrator/graphic designer (for children’s clothing) and was looking for inspiration on the web. A coworker sent her a picture of a cute little needle felted mouse, and it was love at first site.

“I didn’t know what it was made of and when I found out that it was needle felted, I did some research on the subject. I found a little video on Youtube on how to do the basic shapes and some videos on the living felt web site. That is how I have learned to needle felt. I bought some materials from Living Felt and began experimenting. I have pretty much invented my own techniques because there is almost nothing on the subject here in Quebec (Canada).”

What she likes the most about needle felting is the way that the wool reacts.

“It kind of has a mind of its own. You can decide to make a certain character, but sometimes the wool reacts a certain way, and it never comes out the way you have planned. I love that. I also love to needle felt my pieces until they are very smooth to the touch. I just love to feel the wool on my fingers.”

Danielle loves to give life to all the characters she has in her head.

“I am a illustrator, and before I learned to needle felt, I use to draw little characters on paper, but now, I can make them out of wool. That is so cool.”

Danielle is an Illustrator/Graphic designer, and she loves to create illustrations and designs in Adobe Illustrator.

“But to be honest, I kind of replaced illustration with needle felting. It is now my number one passion. I also love to knit.”

A percentage of her sales are used to buy wool to knit neck warmers for the homeless youth of Montreal. Why?
“Because this world needs a little bit more kindness. I am always looking for volunteer knitters to help me, so don’t be shy to spread the word.”

Danielle offers this bit of encouragement. “Practice, practice and practice and when you think you have practiced enough, practice again, but mostly, don’t try to be perfect, be indulgent with yourself. The first pieces are going to be funny looking, but after a while, you are going to see a huge difference in your work.”

Visit Danielle Dubois at www.doudoulab.com

Liza Hamilton: Exploring the Imagination with Wool


Liza Hamilton is a professional felting artist living in Manchester, New Hampshire, and she creates gorgeous 2D and 3D works of art that are as inspiring as they are varied. Liza was introduced to felt making in 2007, by Beth and Larry Beede, while she was a sophomore in the Illustration Department at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Beth had a show there, and Liza was amazed by her huge, seamless, colorful, and whimsical works.

The Beedes offered a two-day workshop on wet felting, so Liza attended and fell in love with wool. Beth’s message was, “anything you can imagine, you can create with wool.

Liza began to needle felt, and her teachers at NHIA allowed her to create “felted illustrations.” She created a felted mural in a mural class and a relief human sculpture for a figure drawing class. For her senior show, she created a number of large, interactive felted sculptures and murals that could be arranged, interacted with, or designed into a personal composition. Photos of the sculptures were on display, too, in order to fit with the Illustration Department.

Since graduation, Liza has turned felting into a full-time career. She participates in local craft fairs, and she teaches wet felting and needle felting workshops at the Currier Museum in Manchester. She also stays busy filling custom orders at her online Etsy store.

Liza says, “As wool is a natural animal fiber, it makes perfect sense to create naturally influenced, furry animals and scenes.

Her custom pet portraits, big cats, giraffes, and carousel animals have been the favorites. She’s currently working on a collection of large size dinosaurs.

Recently, Liza has been creating wet felted and needle felted murals, or “fiber paintings.” The felting needle allows her to “draw” with thin strips of wool, and then fill in color very similarly to how one would lay down paint on a canvas to fill broad areas.

Her next felting project is to create relief murals with sculpted plants and animals that come out of the 2D plane.She also hopes to create outdoor sculptures and illustrations. The idea is to encourage the natural decay of the piece, allow birds to take bits of fiber to line their nests, or to possibly encase the piece in clear resin to make it more weatherproof.

Liza concludes by saying, “From the beginning, Beth’s message has always rung true for me- anything you can imagine, you can create with wool. Combining wet & needle felting techniques has allowed me so much more room for exploration, and makes working with wool one of the most unique, exciting, and wonderful mediums for artistic creation. Limitless creative possibilities!

For more wooly creations, visit Liza in her Etsy Shop

Needle Felting – Adorable Tree Sloth by Laurie Magnabosco

Needle Felting ANIMALS - baby sloth

Needle Felting ANIMALS - baby sloth
Laurie Magnabosco of Everett, WA shared her cute baby sloth photo!
This little guy is needle felted using the Earth Tones Pack from Living Felt.


The Earth Tones Pack has a great selection of earthy colors for your amazing creations.
Check out our many shades of earthy colors in MC-1 and MC-2 Merino Cross Batts!